Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I'm on the Pavement Thinking About the Government

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry
...Over creamy polenta and nothing felt wrong about it!  Must be the new dimension we're living in that these two foods could pair so well together. 
I'm realizing that my body is like the city right now.  We both need to get back to business, begin walking, riding bikes, exercising regularly and working in order to live.  Everything needs to start working in order for the whole system to function properly.  In order to get better you need to put it all in motion.  But in some cases, that sets you back several days to weeks if you push it too far or too soon.  That's the fear for the city as well.  I need to feel well enough and like the city, I am doing so much better.  Our numbers are down, less and less people are dying each night but that's because no one is out on the streets or in crowded spaces.  Some readiness could be attributed to herd immunity but you just have to walk to notice just how many people have left the city entirely.  My body is gaining strength and I would say other than the chest pains, and new back pain, I'm almost there.  Today I was able to walk (to get a chest x-ray) but through a beautiful neighborhood here in Brooklyn, and I went a good distance.  Could I ride my bike to work and then handle an 8 hour shift yet?  Could we put everyone on the subways going back to work and crowd the parks and sidewalks, grocery stores, hospitals again?  The answer is no, not yet.  Even though it's so much better, the healing is dreadfully slow and there are tons of Corona surprises left at our feet each day.  We can only pray this monster is dying.  So many unknowns though for this big dumb city and my loca ass.  If I had another few consecutive uptick days, and able to work, would it just fade away altogether or could it resurface?  Could I contract it again or did I build immunity?  Does it lay dormant just waiting for us all to screw up?  Will I or the city reactivate it's strength if we begin functioning as if the threat is minimal?

Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic & Chicken
The slurry!
Name this plant, so vibrant with little red berry looking things

Empty Brooklyn Promenade 

Lady Liberty Social Distancing way out

Empty Brooklyn Borough Hall 

Empty Downtown Brooklyn
The Fool on the Hill
Even Buddah being cautious
Mini Motorcycle

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