Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Only My Love Does It Good To Me

Coincidental Taco Tuesday 

Carnitas Taco
Pollo Yucateco - Chicken and Bean taco from the Yucatan
This was my plate, fortified with my own beans and rice
Al Pastor Taco on the far left - the one I wanted to try the most but didn't get to taste because I waited too long and 'someone' ate it.
Corn Esquites - Corn in a Cup!
Guacamole con Totopos - the best chips!!
I kept walking by this taco place that is just down the street, looking in longingly, after breaking up with my other taco joint.  Actually, they left me, the ole' Corona shut down.  So I'm feeling vulnerable, wounded, and slightly hangry.  I'm looking for a new love and I've seen Tacombi around, I mean it's a local chain, but a nice looking one.  Finally, today walking by earlier I saw the sign and considered it a sign - Easy taco enjoyment! Order online.  I just had to pull the trigger and invite these tacos to my mouth for dinner.  It was as easy as internet dating. I placed my order online and walked the two blocks to go pick up the sack and didn't even have to go inside.  I could totally get used to this type of introvert food pick up. They have a table that faces out, like all the local places that opened and the only human interaction is stating your name loud enough through your mask that they guy inside can hear you.  Every time I've walked by this place it's been packed to the gills, mainly because it's across from BAM but I often get timid to try new places that have any kind of complicated ordering process or I think will feel like walking into a party where everyone knows each other, except me.  Boo hoo! No, my nonsense actually goes beyond that.  I've been freaky uncomfortable where I have to feel good about the whole building, doorway, entrance, signage, tables and layout in order to try a new place.  Their tables looked so close together, so that and the large crowds have kept me away.  I do love their interior style and colors, very festive.  They started in the Yucatan as a VW van but grew exponentially here I see.  
I will definitely go on a second date as Tacombi showed promise and the price is right.  The corn tortilla was fresh, loved the texture.  Great guacamole and the chips were best ever.  The tacos overall were dressed beautifully and each had unique flavors.    

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