Thursday, May 28, 2020

It's Coming Up, Like a flower!

An idea grows in Brooklyn.  An idea for a more amazing all bean burger.  This burger fail today sparked my creative thoughts when I had ran out of eggs for a proper binder and it fell apart.  This time I was doing a 1/2 meat - 1/2 bean burger but am always amazed at how much I love full black bean burgers.  Today, I tried Black Eyed Peas and because this one fell apart, the beans got super charred on the sides of the pan and took on such a wildly appealing texture and flavor.  As I went to clean up I found myself picking up these bits like chunks of food gold.  So tasty!  That reminded me how the butter reacts with beans and if you can get that just right char, the spices also bloom perfectly.  I love adding onions, carrots, herbs but the next step would be to find the exact type of bean that would serve best.  So far black beans but only because I've been so successful and rarely try others.  I imagine pinto beans would be a little too mash potato like unless I add in some crunch.  I'm thinking of instead of adding raw oatmeal, I could toast it first in spices and maybe that could add some more meaty feel.  Regardless, this was a good mental firestarter and reminder to get in that test kitchen to perfect the ultimate bean burger.  Stay tuned! 

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