Wednesday, May 20, 2020

We Don't Need Another Hero

Everything's coming up roses!
White Peonies
 Have you noticed we have a hell of a lot of heroes around lately?  Maybe too many?  I do understand that people do incredibly cool, life changing stunts and I love when someone captures it on camera.  We can all be elevated by kind acts.  You can't help but emotionally react when witnessing something true.  Take pulling the netting off a turtle that swims up to your boat in the ocean.  Is this a hero or  hopefully what any thinking person would do put in that situation?  Jumping into a lion enclosure to save a child, that's a hero.  Going to war, risking your life for your country, that's a hero.  Adopting a stray dog, saving a puppy or a burnt cat you found outside?  I feel like these are the kinds of things we should all strive to do as baseline normal folk.  I'm not saying everyone would.  Hell, I left a little injured bird on the sidewalk a few years ago and someone just shared a similar story with me.  I see stray cats every day and don't take the time to feed them or rescue them.  I should.  But if I did, I wouldn't call myself a hero.  I like highlighting kind acts, I just feel we should use certain words appropriately and not allow them to get too watered down.  Words like hero, racist, abuse and victim.  These words could also use some protection. 
I bought a huge piece of London Broil and found a cool easy recipe coincidentally using Golden Mushroom soup, that Amazon Fresh keeps sending me by mistake.  It was great, very much like stew. So much so that I felt slightly tricked. But then I realized it's just how I naturally cut the vegetables and served that made the difference.    

Round Steak with Potatoes
Above is the picture from the website, what it was supposed to look like if I had a thinner  cut of meat, braised the potatoes whole, chopped the red pepper super tiny or served the broth like a sauce.

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