Monday, May 18, 2020

When I Look Back, Boy I Musta Been Green

3rd Times a Charm Chili
I think it was the nuns who first served us up Chili con Carne with one inch, spaghetti noodles stirred in at our Catholic grade school cafeteria.  Remember when any little addition to the tried and true recipes was such a daring adventure?  Back then, you followed the recipes like the law.  I don't remember too much of the creativity we see today. Sometimes a food adventure came in learning of another family's traditions.  Growing up, we mainly ate fried bologna sandwiches with mustard and a fried egg, with lots of black pepper because that's how dad liked it.  How dad liked it was how most food was served.  So the first time I went to a friends and had it cold with mayonnaise and cheese, my little mind was blown.  Today I prefer dad's way but for a squeamish little kid, mayonnaise is like mother's womb.  
I tasted that no-bean Cincinnati Chili years back that changed my life.  So for it's 3rd and final act, my leftover Black Bean Chili presents more a nod to that whole idea but with properly cooked al dente noodles to stir in as you please to get the exact proportion of chili to noodle ratio that you desire.  The dollop of yogurt cuts the heat and makes the whole experience more comforting.  Serving the noodles on top changed the dish in a good way for me. 

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