Thursday, May 7, 2020

I Built This Garden For Us

As I sit watching documentaries and listening to albums, my sister was out tilling, shoveling, pulling weeds and preparing her garden boxes out in Colorado where they could really use a good dousing of rain, something we've had plenty of and more to come this weekend.  I envied her stamina remembering how much energy it took just to cover them with tarp at night during my visit last October.
I'm helping!
Not only did she have to till the soil, she had to dig up all the weeds around the area and spread rock as well as carry nearby boulders to separate the boxes and hopefully she'll have less invaders this year.  

This was last year. The deer made short work of those fences. 
I'm calling this day, not horrible.  I wasn't able to walk because of chest pain but it was super windy so it was nice to just leave the windows open and let the giant breeze flow through the apartment like a tree house.  P walked around the block and came back winded, a good reminder not to overdo it right now. Acceptance without complacency.  Everything is starting to feel unreal and more like a dream anyway.  I made quinoa and corn on the cob, hamburger and beans to make chili bowls using the leftover condiments.
Sometimes you have to hang on to good, even if it's not your own.  My sis's garden work became a lifeline of sorts to my own energy and strength, not to sound dramatic.  You begin to distrust your body, which is abnormal. If anything we take it for granted.  Imagine for a second if you couldn't get up and walk for 20 minutes without feeling like you're having a stroke, and it's been 6-7 weeks of this on and off.  It gets to you and not in a good way.  So many people in New York weren't so lucky though so we're super grateful to progress to health and in no way want to complain constantly like I probably have been doing.   We made a pact today to stop mentioning it entirely unless there is an emergency in case this demon virus can be conjured.

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