Friday, May 15, 2020

Hot Breeze, Old Cheese, Slicky Slacky Fish Tails

Deconstructed Ham & Cheese Sandwich Salad

After a full day in the sun, I cubed up and browned a ham steak to provide a meaty element to a giant dinner salad with tomatoes, red onions, swiss cheese and this living lettuce.
We were very curious to know what a Post-COVID world might look like especially to an area full of elderly and slightly downtrodden good people.  We also remembered we seem to visit both Times Square and Coney Island after major disasters and hard times.  Coincidentally, it was to hit 87, jumping up at least 20 degrees and for a Friday, it brought many folks out of their homes.
Brighton under the subway
The Cyclone

Nathan's Cheesy Fries
P calling his mother, on my mom's birth date

The Real New York that I love
A possible future album cover
Because you can get your arse kicked easily here, we have this agreement that when I see a great photo opportunity, P jumps out front so I can get a picture but can easily cut him out of afterwards.  But this time, I loved the way he looks juxtaposed to my real subjects.

There were variations on the 6ft rule, but generally, people were trying.

A Poem to Coney Island
(best read in the voice of Allen Ginsberg)
Coney Island is very special place where the ghosts of dead lunatics and Easter bunnies that got made hover in an eternal cotton candy mirage. 
It's a nightmare held in broad daylight. 
Coney Island is a poem written by sickly children. 
Its summer void of all promise. 
It's where pastel colors admit their falsehood. 
Thousands of bottle caps and plastic lids camouflage themselves into the natural grains of the sandy beach,
but the sun accentuates the oily film glistening on the water's surface
as if to warn of it's clever, adaptive lies.
But some, like us, come knowingly just to witness the ancient seaside clown. 

I'm pretty sure it's not free to come here but there is always something we gain coming away from it.

Park Slope Theater
Brooklyn's new skyline forming
back to safe ground, Fort Greene 

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