Thursday, May 14, 2020

I Can't Let It Get Me Down

Yesterday's leftovers with added Edamame
I woke with a slight migraine and lethargy but was lured downstairs to the back yard area.  P had been down there reading, drinking his coffee and thought I needed some sun but I was fighting the urge to stay with head buried in the couch, to avoid the painful light.  At the same time I was struggling to acknowledge a full grown migraine after all this Corona nonsense.  The thought of enduring a whole episode was too depressing.  Occasionally, I can fight them if I catch it right at the onset.   My mood started to cloud over but praise be for non-THC CBD, Aleve, and a sip of coffee - the perfect cocktail that works, not always but enough of the time to keep hopeful.  After about 15 minutes, I was able to make two quick turkey & cheddar wraps to take down.   Like dangling the carrot of health, I then followed him to take a short walk.  By the time we got back I had shed the heavy wet blanket that a morning headache can bring.
Later, I added edamame to the leftover stir fry.  Reheating it, made the dish taste more like a stew, which was very comforting over the polenta.
Having the use of this back area has been a gift only New Yorkers might appreciate. Our downstairs neighbors who pay much higher rent and have sole use of it, left town for 3 weeks said to please take advantage of it.   Many folks take for granted a spot where they can sit outside that is not public space.  But living on a commercial block, with no front area where you step outside that front door and you're on the conveyor belt of society, you really appreciate a tiny sanctuary even if it's only temporary.  It'll probably take 3 weeks for me not to feel like a cat down there as I'm not good with new spaces, P's much better at that.  Even though I enjoyed it inside my head, I sat up straight on the chair as if I was in a formal living room in someone else's house.

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