Saturday, May 30, 2020

High on the Peace Train

With my leftover Polenta, I made a tamale pie.  The sauce was a homemade Chipotle BBQ, with toppings of ground beef, onions, broccoli, fresh tomato and cheddar cheese.

That looks like an insane amount of cheese when actually it was only 4 ounces, not including the bleu cheese I threw on top to finish but it's all about the visual.  I'm still riding the 'Hey, we didn't die from COVID happy train' so a little extra cheese is allowed.

I loved this for a few reasons.  One, is it lasts for a couple of meals and you can freeze it.  I enjoy Polenta a good deal and it's easy to make a double batch especially if you're going to do all that vigorous stirring.  I love all one pan dinners.  Now that it's warmer, you could do this in a cast iron pan stovetop very easily.  It only needs to heat and get crispy on the bottom.  Many combinations could work, buffalo chicken, pepperoni mushroom, all vegetable and different sauces.

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