Saturday, May 2, 2020

Everybody Spoke and I Went Into A Dream

 Woke up a few too many times with that familiar stabbing chest pain, legs like throbbing lead so I just came out at 5:30 am and sat on the couch, listening to the birds.  Feeling much better after coffee I took a long walk that I regretted quickly upon returning.  After about an hour of feeling so energized in the sun, I headed back to the apartment and through the park but when I reached the hill my lungs threw out a red flag.  The streets of Brooklyn are not the place you want to feel vulnerable.  My spirit crashed leaning on the stone wall as the runners whizzed by me so fast leaving me too aware of my worsening state.  For a few minutes I thought I may need to ask strangers for help, eyeing them all looking so normal, happily chatting in another realm entirely.  I was dizzy, my face flushed. I made it home before everything seized up and I boarded the COVID train once more.  
I spent the rest of the day laying on the couch but got up to make this one-pot potato, pepper, chorizo and egg scramble.  

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