Saturday, September 25, 2021

I Feel Good, In a Special Way

Breakfast Tostadas
When you have hot sauces and salsas left over, then the creation options open up quite a bit.  But breakfast tostadas can never be wrong.  The creamy scrambled eggs are perfect with the cool, crisp lettuce and tons of hot sauce and Cotija cheese. 
And these pan seared pork chops were treated to a very spicy rub, then cooled down with the sour cream ranch chile sauce.  

Speaking of being treated, have you sat and listened to Sam Harris lectures, the philosopher and neuroscientist?  It's a certain delicacy that's for sure.  There is too much muck being uttered all day lately but the people that are seeing bigger ideas are really on fire.  Or they've been out there all along but thanks to YouTube, have become ultra accessible to schmucks like me.  Harris says, spirituality begins with a reverence for the ordinary and that leads us to insights and experiences that are anything but ordinary.  I have noticed this to be true in obsessing with my little back of work ecosystem, that is the Erie Basin, in the last years. This year I found crabs.  Blue crabs!  Just living on the rocks and you would have thought I found diamonds, I was so excited.  Just like the joy of eating breakfast tostadas or these spice rubbed pork chops.  These impossibly simple acts or experiences have brought about the ability to recognize the most incredible depth and wonderment all around us, everywhere.  The more you do it, the more it opens up.

An atheist and conservative, yet somehow invigorating to consider his ideas, as a mind exercise and how to rationalize my differences or common ground.  i.e, free will, God, you know, all the small stuff.


  1. I'm glad it was just blue crabs that you found. 😂

    1. Well I should say, a friends husband works near here and they do find bodies regularly STILL in the gowanus canal, so Red Hook stays fire. 😆


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