Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Long As I Can Grow It, My Hair!

The Loco Moco Burger
Finding a new burger is like discovering an artist you've never heard of and instantly love.  This burger is a dream and when was the last time you got excited over something that didn't have cheese melted all over it?  Its slightly Salisbury steak-ish in flavors and using sweet onions with the mushrooms in that awesome beefy gravy with the creaminess of the egg over top is delightful!  They suggest to serve over white rice but instead I cut Polenta medallions and grilled them for a bun.  

I finally got my Rapunzel-looking ass down to get a hair cut and see my sweet stylist and her young son.  She is cutting at two venues.  This one I could walk to in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn and is in a cute tiny vintage shop.  She was so welcoming and chatty that I wondered why I wait so long to do this as it's such a cool experience.  I took pictures of ideas but when I got there she immediately seemed to know what was needed and went at my head like a concerned surgeon. Later she said she felt that my hair was screaming at her to cut it, which I found both funny and troubling.  It looked so good when she finished but by the time I got home, the high humidity did a Freddy Fender number on me.  

By the time I made it home, my hair looked frizzy, dry and flat - the exact opposite of how I left that shop but I still held the happiness of getting myself there, which for a recluse is an accomplishment in itself.  It was a loco moco haircut to go along with my loco moco burger. 

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  1. Covid hair. I'm going to have to go to therapy over it. 😂


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