Saturday, September 18, 2021

Life is Very Short, And There's No Time, For Fussing My Friend

Two new finds happened on this plate.  I've stuffed lots of chicken breasts but thought it might be cool to wrap them in bacon. had a great easy recipe but you don't need it, just add a little brown sugar to your regular crowd of seasonings.  But it did make the difference.  Not too much, just balance it with the salt to get more of a bbq potato chip flavor mix.  30 minutes on 350 and the breast is majorly juicy and a quick two minutes under the broiler will crisp up that bacon.  All good things.
For the barley risotto, I steeped the stems of mushrooms in chicken stock, garlic, onion and thyme.  Before adding the liquid, I slightly toasted the barley and mushrooms in a bit of oil, then brought it to a boil and cooked it like rice, covered for 45 minutes.  Afterwards I added a bit of almond milk along with a pat of butter, lots of fresh cracked pepper.  It did resemble a constantly stirred risotto. Or, you could follow this recipe from Taste of Home.  Barley is a whole grain and is still super cheap unlike Quinoa.

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