Sunday, March 25, 2018

If It Keeps on Rainin' Levees Going To Break

Some days wrap into perfect little thoughts and stories.  Other times they're kind of random and insignificant.  Stormy Daniels was to appear on her first television interview and I'm a little embarrassed to say I was fairly curious to hear what she had to say.  Not because I'd be shocked to hear Trump had an affair or that I even feel it's relevant, other than the whole money part.  I guess there was something about this particular woman's story that was appealing.  She certainly wasn't going to come on as a victim.  She was a seasoned professional, so I sort of got it that she was more pissed about being bullied into submission. She was looking for vindication. Or money.  I guess that was my question.  What was her angle?
The spot aired and we watched.  It didn't change the world.  It was what it was.  I felt like by the end I realized that it may be best to just keep all of this nonsense out of my daily diet.  What do I really care anyway, really. This is none of my business.  And if it comes out that Trump ordered her followed and threatened, then someone will go down but most likely not him.  If he's capable of that sort of nonsense, he's going to screw up and someone is going to nail him, eventually.  With something even more impressive.  Or not.  People get away with crimes all the time.  He won't be the first.  If he's innocent and its only the lawyer operating on his own, then what's new?  High powered lawyers do horrible things every day.  It is what it is.
My 94 year old dad trying Pho, second time this month.  That's a good day. 
And so was dinner.  Baked orange glazed chicken thighs with white beans and spinach.
It certainly wasn't going to change the world but I was happy to have it.  And it was good but nothing I would look forward to having again.

Breakfast was soft poached eggs over spinach and potatoes.  And bacon.  A good day, nothing special and right now that's fine with me.  I'm not anxious for the day when all this shit hits the fan.  Regardless of what I think of him, a lot of people believe this one man wants to make good change for us.  People that I care about and love.  People I don't want to see hurt.  This is what it is though, no doubt about that.

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