Monday, March 26, 2018

We Gotta Stand Right By Each Other, Gotta Try Harder Baby

Crispy Tofu Bowl 
You know when Tofu sounds great? When you've eaten chicken for like 6 months straight and no new recipe idea will fix the digestive boredom that festers in your belly.  And actually, getting the crisp without deep frying is gonna be a skill goal but this first effort sold me on future ventures.  My only miss was that I couldn't find that great Thai hot sweet chili sauce and bought Korean instead.  Not the same. And it mattered.
But the end result was a buying-in of forthcoming tofu dishes because I can look at the picture and taste the crisp on that hot cube.  The nutty quality, the crunch of those toasted cashews and the pickle on that onion.  The way that the herb perfectly compliments those qualities.  Plus it's good for ya.  My body instantly rewarded this behavior.
It's so easy to reach for take out or fast food when you run out of ideas or are tired.  I think the difference when you hit a particular age is that your body is unforgiving and immediately attacks your system.  You quickly realize bad choices have direct consequences.

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