Wednesday, March 7, 2018

And Freedom Tastes of Reality

Nor'easter Snow Day
I love the thought of a big storm coming.  They predicted one on this day but in the morning when I rode in to work it was just slightly raining.  Then by the time my meal break came it was coming down fairly hard, nothing out of the ordinary. 

Then as if the heaven's opened and an angel spoke, I heard a manager say that they were closing the store early due to the storm.  I think I squealed like a pig!  Snow days are just amazing on the psyche.  They feel like chocolate for the mind.  It's also an exciting feeling, like being a kid again.  The grown ups have loosened the reigns.  The role you play while at work suddenly falls off of you to the floor like a silk gown.  Free to be free. Things are not scheduled, the rest of the day is unknown. Possibilities open up.  The mood livens.
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And because I'm such a weather nerd I wore the proper gear to get around in this mess.

I made my way back home through downtown Brooklyn and by that time it was turning into a slush fest.  It wasn't sleet and it wasn't quite rain but snow seems like the wrong term.  There was snow, and a lot of it at times blowing from all directions but this was a strange mix.

Once home I made a stuffed cheeseburger with bread crumb topping and homemade baked spicy fries. On the side I served shaved Brussels sprouts in an avocado vinaigrette.

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