Sunday, March 4, 2018

If It Makes You Happy, It Can't Be that Bad

Another game of Home Chopped. 

God knows all your cool has left the building when you find yourself playing Chopped at home....and really enjoying it. Winters are long. I don't get out much.  All that being said, I think I'm making it to the next round!
For the appetizer course I roasted red cabbage leaves, added a bit of balsamic and filled them white beans, ground beef, red quinoa and rosemary.  I topped with a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese.  Surprisingly tasty!

 For the entree, I opened up my basket (actually I sent P to the store and he bought a weird assortment of disconnected choices) and found slab bacon, one turnip, a head of Napa cabbage and kale. 
I thought to make a take on a BLT and a rice bowl.  I roasted the tomatoes on top of the bacon in the oven.  I made a well seasoned black rice.  The kale served as the lettuce and I cooked that down in some of the bacon fat along with garlic and hot pepper oil.  The turnip provided a nice fresh cool crunch.

I lost some presentation points as I should have used a light colored bowl to really showcase the colors.
I left out a basket ingredient (the giant head of Napa cabbage).  And for these reasons, I've been chopped.

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