Thursday, March 8, 2018

Say Anything But Don't Say Goodnight to Love

As I was riding back home from the city on the subway today I considered again our differing views in the world today and how our actual scope might affect our perspective.  If you live in a congested city, you literally have a concentrated, zoomed in sight-line.  This is true throughout my entire day.  I'm crammed in tiny subway cars or concentrating on the narrow bike lane in front of me, trying not to get hit by the bus driving alongside me. I work in a windowless maze of hallway-like rooms with hundreds of consumers in a steady stream.  Many times I need not leave the comfort of a few blocks to shop for food, have an outing, get a prescription, pick up take out.   Most things affecting me are immediate and within feet of my being.  You have to wonder, how does my vista influence my thinking on issues like gun control for example?
I never eat at McDonald's unless we're out of town because fast food in New York is definitely questionable.  This particular location is downtown Brooklyn and open 24 hours.  It would be the type of place I avoid like the plague.  But I was tired and wanted a quick fun treat.  How bad could it be?  I was thinking more along the lines of them never changing the oil, the cleanliness and so on. So I'm not in there two minutes when a fight breaks out.  The people involved with the  disruption become excitable, including me.  There is those few moments in these situations when the mood escalates quickly and bad things happen.   Nothing really took place outside of really loud screaming.  A woman may have pushed a man and then he escorted her out threatening to kick her ass, which is never good.  I thought what if everyone involved here had a gun or even three people, or one.  The city would be half dead because there are moments like these constantly.  No weapons and we can all settle back into our regular day with little disruption. 
I don't know what its like in mid America anymore. I imagine it's changed quite a bit.   I know when you add in more people in already stressed situations nothing gets better with weapons.  However, take my sister for example, out in a small town.  Many times she travels solo, like me but in her case not with a million people along doing the same thing.  She walks to her car alone, maybe goes fishing, takes a walk around an isolated lake.  She knows how to protect herself, clean and care for her gun.  As do many of the folks in my family.  Guns are thought of as protection and assurance.  Here in Brooklyn if you saw one, it would surely be a weapon more likely to be used against you.  It's not legal to open carry in the city thank goodness.  And like Chris Rock said, if a kid walks in a school with a knife you're not going to read that a hundred kids got knifed to death for obvious reasons.  
But this is exactly why I'm not the person that needs to be outspoken on guns.  I don't want one, I don't ever want to carry or use one.  I don't even like talking about them.  But many people have strong thought-out opinions and we should listen to them, not me.  
I will however speak on this new Signature Crafted burger.  I was so overwhelmed with new choices and my order taker person seemed impatient and distracted so I just pointed and was really pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  I got the sweet BBQ Bacon burger with crispy onions. Felt like someone cared and more thought went into it then the Quarter Pounder but both were super satisfying. 

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