Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You'll See Things in a Different Way

P's 55th Birthday.  Isle of Dogs Movie after work featuring a special Japanese menu.
Cake trio from Touch of Velvet.  This slice being the winner, a strawberry and cream.
Chicken Yakitori, Our Trash Island take on the classic skewered chicken dish. “This is a favorite of one the dogs in the film, so I knew immediately it had to be our second snack. We take juicy all-white meat chicken and a fat smoked sausage, marinate them in a sweet and tangy blend of togarashi, honey, and soy sauce, then skewer and roast ‘em to perfection.”
Not pictured, the cookie trio, pressed coffee and the M Train Flatbread, a favorite.  I love this theater and if you go for it, its not a cheap date but it does feel special.  When I was younger I would have thought we'd go to Hawaii or somewhere exotic to celebrate a memorable birthday like this.  But it wasn't in the cards or budget. Neither of us like fuss around personal holidays so its fitting we went to a movie after work.  If you take all the grand prefabricated expectations out of these occasions you can really appreciate simple revelry.  

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