Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nobody Gets Too Much Heaven No More

Patrick went on another road trip and in traditional fashion mother nature got all sassy and gave us a snow storm.  So also right on cue my fantasies of having a whooping good time quickly turned south and by mid afternoon I was knee deep in familiar anxiety and dread.
I was able to make a spicy ground turkey putanesca over linguine and ate enough to push all the self revulsion far enough down where I could easily ignore it.  Out of sight out of mind they say.  At least until the 2 hour coma nap took hold.

The great thing about a long nap is that you really get to go somewhere and get our of your head. Whether you wake up the same miserable schlep or not it's still worth it.  Once in awhile, and it takes time to become fully coherent again but you can grab some fresh perspective and energy. 

But if you're like me and you still can't find awesomeness in your own reflection, you just get yourself a little pan and heat up some of those amazing leftovers.  At least your belly will be happy.

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