Friday, April 7, 2017

Keep Me From Sinking Down

Once in a blue moon I will eat real pasta.  When I do I try to make the full on homemade sauce and really make it worth the pounding headache I'll probably get as punishment for the indulgence in white pasta products.  I had high goals for this dinner but in the last hours I recoiled and found myself running to the corner for store bought marina sauce and pre-shredded cheese.
 But the next night I raced to Williamsburg after work in time to catch Son Volt at Rough Trade. This album did not disappoint.  I feel Jay hit a higher peak with this record with songs like Cherokee Street, Cairo and Southern, Lost Souls.
 Once in a blue moon you get to see a show from an artist who means so much to you.  Whatever it is that you get from those shows defies definition but it is so replenishing and packs just as much wallop as any vitamin or edible nutrient.

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