Wednesday, April 5, 2017

So I'll Close My Eyes and Just See Pretty Colors

Creamy Polenta with Peas and Broccoli
The first hints of spring are so exciting.  It seems like there is no way in hell that the trees will fill up with leaves and that the flowers will ever bloom again.  No chance we'll all be walking around without all these extra hats, gloves, scarves, neck gators, thermals.  
But the chill is still in the air, so creamy polenta with green peas, broccoli and chicken sausage was a nice warm food hug.
Every day for years I pass this tree on the way to work and for just one and a half weeks tops it blooms these delicate little pale pink flowers.  When the sun hits it, it looks like a weeping willow but if the angels poured champagne on it.  For the last couple of years it just took my breathe away. I actually stopped on my bike just to look at it.  Admire it.  I don't know the reasons why some years the trees go full bloom, and others they just quietly change over a little half-assed, if you ask me.  The leaves take over quickly.  That's what happened this year.  It's still the best season and a lifesaver in a way.  Gobs better then the end of winter anyway.
These yellow blooming bushes are always the first that you see.
Looking at the pictures after everything fully turns I think gosh, I got excited over that little scrappy tree?  But that's shows you just how winter rings every ounce of color out of this town.
this was the tree the year before a couple weeks earlier 

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