Thursday, April 13, 2017

I Love You For My Life 'Cause You are a Friend of Mine

Zucchini Noodles with chicken sausage, sun dried tomatoes & yogurt cream sauce. 
This was a successful creation.  I miss cream sauces and love ranch dressing so yogurt sort of tastes like both but it doesn't fuck up my stomach.  The fresh oregano and basil really brightened up the zucchini noodles along with garlic and the slow reconstituting of the sun dried tomatoes.  You should get some benefit from making better food choices dontcha think?.  Or is your health all the perks you should expect?
I was wondering the same with our buds.  Is it right to expect our friends to come with benefits?  Should we require them to fulfill any of our emotional needs in order to keep the title?  Or is that in opposition to the true meaning of the words, a real friend.  Is there even a true definition?  It's been so fluid in my experience. But mainly someone you share emotional or meaningful history and then mutually opt to continue. But that could apply to an enemy as well. I would say a person that you have affection for in some form, care about in a genuine way.  But do they need to care about you in return?

What do I look for in a friend?  I guess I consider the features first. I like people to be fun, funny and teach me things I don't already know.  I usually connect with their magnetic pull and then try to figure out the rest as we go.  I like trustworthy, open, frank, smart people.  Those characteristics don't always produce the best benefits though.  They might be hard to manage, not the finest listeners.  Some are selfish or needy, require more than I can give without becoming drained or zapped.
What is a benefit in a relationship anyway? For that matter, what is a relationship.  One advantage I suppose would be help.  Are you allowed to hope for life assistance from your pals? Or better to take what comes organically and just deal with yourself as a separate entity?  You should never give to get and someone void of expectations is never disappointed.  That's what the meme says anyway. Is it preset so that we are all just takers or givers at heart and successful pairings buddy up with folks that enact our requirements?  Ram Dass says there is only one soul that exists in the universe so we're really all having these struggles with ourselves.
Bit of a mind meld that one.  Not only am I Peter Piper but I am the pickled peppers that I picked.

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