Saturday, April 22, 2017

One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go

Got out of the city

I think this is Nimham Mountain State Park. 
This is Avocados, a strange Mexican Food Restaurant.  
Everything looked right but the flavors were off just enough where you couldn't tell if you hated it or it was fine.  I ate my whole plate of enchiladas and one of the hot sauces was incredible.
Some places are just sad inside.  I hate to say it be this place gave me such a bad vibe.  But they had a really cool looking bar inside that no one was in.  

The nearby Drive In was amazing though 

The Overlook Drive-In near Poughkeepsie
A good burger, although you couldn't tell by this photo

Deep fried mozzarella sticks
 Stayed for Logan.  Loved it. Would have bet you $50 that would not be true.

Thank you!  So nice to get out.
And then come back in before everyone has flooded in.

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