Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ain't That Peculiar Baby? A Peculiar-arity

Summer Squash Taco Boats with cumin pinto beans.  I'm officially making corny Woman's Day recipes on the reg now.  I've always been a closet WD food advocate actually.  The writers get creative with the same cheap ingredients that most folks can afford.  So it's not pathetic or uncool.  I never set out to be a high end cook.  I was always more interested in everyday recipes.  It suits me better I guess.  I'm not a big fan of upscale anything because of all my built in action Catholic guilt and Mexican shame.  I could never justify enjoying the finer things with any consistency.  Right now the world is way too unbalanced.  Unless it's a very special occasion, I can't see being frivolous really.  That seems very out of touch.  Time to get woke. I'm not interested in money, I just don't want to worry about it.  I would love to go to nice restaurants and eat exotic foods don't get me wrong.  I appreciate specific skillfully made things like shoes or bags, a great steak or the best chocolate.  I like to want stuff but not real caught up on the actual getting.  If it comes, it comes.  It has come, but not lately.
However, I do feel it's a the perfect time to celebrate freely.  Things like friendship, love, family, creativity, art, and humor for example are all reason to get happy,  What I enjoy right now about cooking is making the small typical meals unexpectedly spectacular.  Turning dinner or breakfast into a highlight on a normal day.  Going to the fridge and thinking there is no way in hell there is a meal in there and then creating a surprisingly good plate.  In between all the memorable important stuff in our lives is a huge vat of non eventful days.    More and more, its in these moments that I find the luxury and appreciate most.

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