Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Can't Be Satisfied, What You Want Me to Do?

Habana to Go Spicy Spinach Taco Party
It's pretty easy to make a taco.  It's really easy to make guacamole.  But to come home and do all the meat and chop the stuff, get all the fresh ingredients can be kind of tedious.  That's why I tell myself when I know I can grab $3 tacos on the corner and in five minutes be done with it.  Plus they do this spicy spinach that I don't even understand how it can be so good. I've tried to watch.  The guy does it in a wok, with pre-blanched greens that he pours this pepper broth on and then fresh lime juice. There is great heat and that citrus to cut through.  So good.  I had my own homemade hot sauce.   My goal is to always have a jar of hot sauce in the fridge like my mom and dad but so far I'm hitting like 20% of the time.
As far as taco's go, these are not amazing.  But they are good.  You know what I mean?  Like the steak and chicken could be flavored more, but nothing is off-putting.  Maybe they could rinse their onions in cold water so they don't taste bitter.  Tacos are very basic so each of the elements needs to shine or it's not spectacular.
But as a say that I think how spoiled we are to have these grand expectations from our corner taco joint.

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