Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm Feeling Outshined

Asparagus means spring.  Spring means asparagus, flowers, sun, fun, fresh, bright, new, Easter, opportunity and hopefully great health.  My wishes are for better hair ideas to beat the frizz, not to look so dang tired all the time, and a brighter outlook and the headspace to carry it off.  Does the Easter Bunny take wish lists?  I forget his story.  Come to think of it I'm not sure I ever knew it.  He was just introduced as a connection to the Easter Basket but the details were vague.  I doubt my parents were familiar.  Maybe its not formed in my mind because it was outshined by another. Mainly, Easter was the story of Jesus and his rising up, the hard tough saga leading to his death.  There were lots of events all squashed together.  Ash Wednesday, lent, Palm Sunday, many tragic passages being read in mass and class, the smell of the burnt ashes, death and incense.  Ending in this amazing break out sequence.  I just remember hearing over and over he did it all for us.  He was something that Jesus Christ.  I would be out at the beatings, I thought.  Would I die for anyone?  I was scared to death of being left in the grocery store. During the kissing of the feet ceremony, as I gazed up at the beautiful kind Jesus suffering, literally on the cross I did process that he was selfless.
I thought of my mom as being the only person in the world that was even a close second to Him.  Needless to say the bunny was a much lesser player.  Plus a giant rabbit is a little scary. Did he hide the candy or fill your basket overnight? Even his magic abilities were fuzzy.  I don't remember ever wanting to meet him or if I even believed there was one at any point.  We colored eggs and I do remember the zoning on the cellophane plastic grass and getting a couple of those cheap prefab jobbies from Avery's Supermarket.

Speaking of fresh, here's my coworker spotted shopping after work.  Isn't it funny what people come up with given the opportunity to express their style without restrictions.  Another import.  Love him.  A former postal carrier from Texas.  

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