Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I've Just Gotta Get a Message to You

Chicken Sausage over herbed Cauliflower
Again with the name.  When you say herbed cauliflower it sounds like a thing.  And what it is, is that I was way too over it to do the whole ricing bit, with the scraping of the knuckles on the grater and the thousands of tiny pieces flailing about.  I rough chopped it, blanched it and then sauteed it with onions and garlic and added fresh herbs at the end.  And it was good and it is kind of a new thing.  But it really happened out of a tired, worn out mindset.  It tastes like potatoes but feels lighter in the gut.
The Full Pink Moon
The full moons either make me way high energy or drag me deep down in the guttural abyss.  When it is the latter, I gaze at it almost as if it's a gateway to the gods that on this day I can speak to directly.   My question is always the same.  Why am I here?

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