Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who's Your Turtle Dove?

With no real inspiration but to eat, I set out to make tuna burgers on flat sandwich bread. If I couldn't be creative, at least I could go healthy. Tuna, Panko bread crumbs, Dijon mustard, hot pepper flakes and patties they became. Heated those up in just a spritz of cooking spray and added green apple slices and tomato. A little broccoli side.

While I was cooking for my family (okay, just P), there was a pretty turtle dove outside also taking care of and feeding hers. Right on the limb outside the kitchen window. She had both little ones perched under some shade. It looked as though this may have been one of their first real outings. The father dove was around to protect. Pretty cool little scene. I don't get out much.

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