Sunday, May 6, 2012

You Make Me So Very Happy, I'm So Glad You Came Into My Life

Juicy open-faced turkey cheeseburgers with baked garlicky fries. But the special guest was the first sweet corn of the season.

And sweet it was. I get all gooey inside just thinking of all the corn dishes I'm gonna make. Salads featuring corn. And salsas. I love mixing it in with my burger meat or veggies burgers. I love it whole and on the cob. I love it chunked in my chicken, zucchini and corn rice dish. Corn in my quesadillas is splendid!

If corn was a person, they would be super friendly and kind. It would say I have youthful skin. It would help me wash the dishes after dinner and make me hot tea without even having to ask.
If corn were clothing it would be a bright spring dress that looks good on me and doesn't show my flabby parts.
If corn was a bed it would be king-sized, centered in an empty room with a cool breeze and have firm but soft mattress with 300-count Egyptian cotton sheets newly laid upon it.

I love corn!!!

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