Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tied to the Whipping Post

Breakfast for dinner can be freeing. It's nice to break out of routine. I saw a quick clip of a movie coming out about the end of the world for the regular people and how they would react if they knew there was only two weeks left to live. It was said many would continue to go to their jobs to keep a sense of normalcy. Are you kidding me? That would be the LAST place you'd see me. I'd be running the streets in my chonies. I'd be breaking into the gourmet market and getting myself some of that good cheese. Let me try some of that aged beef hanging in that case at the butchers. A day at the beach, no, two whole days and in fact let's sleep there and wake up to the sound of ocean waves.

You know, with two weeks left to live I'm not really sure what I would do either. But I know I wouldn't go to work. At least tonight I will throw caution to the wind and have myself some eggs after dark.

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