Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Up on a Tight Wire, One Sides Ice and One is Fire

When friends come to New York is about the only time I get out and see what the city has to offer. My bestest boy-gal pal KK came to town and we had a super star lunch at Republic in Union Square. Huge bowls of noodley soup. The highlight was the crispy tofu served with THE tastiest peanut sesame mustard sauce EVER! You wanted to crawl in there and lick your way out no foolin'.

I had the spicy beef broth noodles.

KK had the Vietnamese Vegetable Noodles. Mine was divine.

We took a stroll on the High Line. Been out there yet? Its actually special. There is a feeling of being somewhere else, another city, another atmosphere or dimension. Plus they have bathrooms.

The views of the city are unusual and the gardens are unique and inspiring. Plenty of spots to sit and chat or just take it in. It wasn't so crowded that you wanted to start punching your way out like most fun things in NY. There was space to move about the cabin and explore. I loved it actually.

KK comes almost once a year so its a good marker on where we are in life. We've been friends for 20 years or so. I hate to look at where I'm at in life don't you? But there I was in the same cowboy boots and jeans, cute earrings but that's about it. The lines in my face are telling stories now. Horror stories.

It's not all bad. I like me and all that nonsense. I've come to terms with the fact that I probably won't have a tight belly ever. Since I don't drink I seem more serious but I'm not. I hope I don't seem less fun. That'd be a bummer. Or was I ever that much fun? Gosh, now I'm questioning my idea of a good time. I know I liked the High Line.

Yes, go have lunch with a dear friend and take a walk on the High Line. Question all your life choices and be filled with doubt and self loathing.

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