Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There are many bonus joys of throwing a little party. One of my favorites is waking up and laughing about stupid stuff we said or did the night before with a nice big cup of coffee. We go over some of the highlights and fill each other in on anything we may have missed. This ritual was developed in early years after mass amounts of liquor or drugs were consumed which made the list much longer and the time spent going over missed items run into the early evening.
But even now that I can remember every thing in detail, I still say about the same amount of stupid things so the laughter never ends.
Another big dividend is the leftovers. And this time it was a Mexican monkey's paradise. All the salsas, dips, nachos, guacky...pieces of grilled beef and chicken, toasted bread that never made the table and the list goes on... The raspberry cheesecake swirl brownies keep on giving until you just can't allow yourself another bite.
And just because it was so festive, I whipped up some fresh pico de gallo with nice ripe peaches cubed in.

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