Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Know We Can Make it, Yes We Can Can

There is a neighborhood Subway Sandwich shop down the block. I was so happy that it opened awhile back but somehow forgot it existed for a long time.

We had some work going on our corner and woke to see it became a pedestrian park of sorts. They closed off South Elliot street to make way for small tables and even bands to play permanently. Very cool actually because just that little change has really transformed these blocks to feel more intimate and less car crazy. Which is so great because this location was on the verge of becoming the wild west with regards to car etiquette with the merging and the crossing over to get to Atlantic or Flatbush. Putting this little pedestrian stopper just squashed all the nonsense. Makes you dream of a city where you can walk and bike without feeling like someone's trying to kill you.

..and made it safe for us to shimmy on down the block to Subway to get these amazing cheap combos.

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