Friday, June 1, 2012

Right Back, Right Back in Love Again

You know I love tostadas. No question. Lately I eat them alone. No need for companions. But I found myself wanting the beans and rice back on the plate for the full combination experience.

How to keep it light? I made my canned pinto beans just smashed up with a couple of strips of turkey bacon and onion cooked in the pan before the mashing took place, a little salsa just to thin them out a bit.

For the rice I cooked plain Jasmine rice and added a little fresh cilantro afterwards.

Definitely different than the rich flavorful Mexican rice but with the tostada having so much fresh twang and the creamy beans needing a friend that wasn't going to outshine them, it was a new combination that I actually loved and will try again. It was good to have the two back on platter.

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