Sunday, June 24, 2012

Turn the Meat Around

I love ground turkey but sometimes I worry I'll run out of idea for how to use it. Turkey burgers always sound good as does turkey chili but then the list starts to fizzle out.

In reality there are many dishes to make but during the week, food revelations don't always come so easy so its best to write down ideas when they do come for later.

I'm learning out loud see because that's not what happened this day. On this day I was faced with ground turkey or was it pork? No actually it was turkey sausage. Doh! I'm behind on my post and now I have to think back. Anyway, point is, faced with pork sausage and no ideas. But I did store an idea from visiting my dad. He used carrots in his cold salads and I remembered how much I like carrots cooked, cold or otherwise, and they're so cheap. So I thought I must get some and put them in the next dish at home.

And I did along with whatever else I had in the fridge which was celery, also super cheap but I love it and onions. Braised celery is amazing and should be served more. On top I chopped cold salted cubed tomatoes. A huge dollop of Srirachi sauce. Holluh!

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