Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heaven Must Have Sent You From Above

Fresh herbs in the summertime renew your dishes and make the flavors burst off of the plate. Mint, cilantro, basil, and dill are abundant again and this opens up lots of different options for flavors.

After I bought a bundle of basil and mint, my friend at work brought me a couple more of each fresh from her garden. Unexpected perk!

P loves him some pesto and we had a bunch of walnuts on hand, so I did a basil, mint pesto with walnuts, garlic, lemon, a little bit of olive oil, Parmesan and a lot of chicken stock. The texture is a lot different but its a lot less fattening and magically tastes a bit lot Underwood Deviled Ham Spread, which is maybe gross to some but others might say 'hey', like me.

I saw a cool recipe for almost like a virgin mojito. Strawberries, mint, basil, lemon juice chomped up with just a tablespoon of sugar and then iced seltzer. Refreshing doesn't do justice. Since I don't drink anymore, I haven't had a specialty beverage made with care like this for a long time. sniff, sniff...sigh. I felt like I wasn't worthy. That's not a blurry picture, that's me tearing up at my own efforts. No actually, its a bad picture.

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