Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Go Running for the Shelter of a Mother's Little Helper

No one is going to nominate this meal for a Bon Appetit cover but nevertheless, it was pretty tasty and easy for a mid week meal.

Another pantry dinner. A chicken helper if you will. Stewed chicken thighs, cream of mushroom soup, bulgar wheat to replace rice or pasta (leftover stash...I'm trying to use it now before I find it a year later and can't identify it), frozen vegetable medley, frozen spinach and some green onions to top.

The small touch was to include real chicken stock instead of milk for the sauce, and add garlic and onions.
I was nine when General Mills introduced Hamburger Helper and I celebrate them because that was the year my mom and dad started their restaurant, started working 4am to after 11pm at night seven days a week and coincidentally adopted my little brother T who was 1 years old. Needless to say, the amazing homemade meals stopped abruptly that year.

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