Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Really Got a Hold On Me

When I try not to eat something, I become hyper aware of it. I've been cutting down on breads during the week. So of course this week I've noticed nothing but these crusty baguettes,seasoned loaves, rolls, biscuits and wraps. At the fifteen dollar store (I call because you have to spend $15 to use your debit card) I found this great rectangular Flax seed thin bread, almost tortilla or pita-like but grainier and tastier.

I bought everything fresh so it would be at the peak of flavor. A thin layer of mayo/yogurt spread on the bread, then the jack cheese, sprouts, corn off the cob, tomatoes, avocado, thin red onions and rolled tightly.

I had some sweet strawberries, yogurt, bananas, ice and orange juice to make a thick shake.

I made a quick salsa with the left over avocado and threw in a ripe peach. Served that up with some black bean baked chips.

Its impossible to stop eating breads, especially all the beautiful fresh baked goods we have here in the city. Its almost a sin not to eat them. This high fiber, low carb flax seed roll up is still 120 calories but its better than a thick white flour tortilla at least.

Light and delicious!

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