Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pull Over At the Local Fat Burger

You've heard of Fat Burger, well these are flat burgers. We were set to go eat burgers with a friend the next day but I had to make this hamburger meat. So I made patties but divided them in half and then flattened it out until it was very thin. I figured, how bad could it be. Topped with a little cheddar cheese, onion, tomato and pickle. I put it on those 100 calorie sandwich thins toasted and served with chips, salsa, and ripe peach slices. For a quick and fun little side, I grated sweet potato and sauteed it with a little cumin powder and salt. It cooks up fast and still keeps a nice semi-sweet flavor.

Do you remember Klymaxx, the all girl R&B band with all that attitude? Actually I had never heard of Fat Burger until around 1984. At the time I was living in California but not in LA where the burger chain was located, trying to figure out what the hell Klymaxx was saying in the song The Men All Pause. There is a line when Lorena "Lungs" Stewart sings 'pull over at the local Fat Burger'. That song was about being fierce. The eighties were pretty dumb in general but I liked that band. How many all-girl R&B 'bands' did you ever see, not just a singing group. They played instruments and wrote. A member called Fenderella.... C'mon!

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