Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

This 4th of July I celebrated my independence by waking up and riding directly to work. I customer serviced some nice, some ridiculously bitter 'old trolls and then rode back home.

I had worked a major busy Sunday the day before while it felt like the whole city was at the beach. Seemed like the big Fourth of July weekend was turning out to be a dud firecracker for me.

Determined to have me a celebration I came home and made a simple but festive meal. Started off with my version of jalapeno poppers as an appetizer. Par boiled halved jalapenos stuffed with jack cheese, chorizo and garlic, baked until soft and melty. A green apple, arugula, cucumber salad with lime vinaigrette. A keeper! Best thing ever. I found that idea on some medical website. Thin steak sandwiches on toasted Italian bread with avocado and grilled onions.

It wasn't fireworks, barbecue, the beach, cold beers, fun in the sun 4th of July. I wasn't up for any of that nonsense anyway really. I just wanted some peace. Nothin' ain't worth nothing but its free.

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