Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You're Bloody Well Right

I'm going to quit rolling my eyes when I see a new salsa recipe because everything I've tried new this year I've loved. Adding fruits really does give base recipes so much zip bam boom! And then once I ventured out of my traditional comfort zone I realized there is a whole world of interchangeable herbs, fruits, onions & peppers to make salsas. This is just like with pestos when I opened my eyes to the fact that you can add any nut, any cheese and any herb and get such amazing new flavor sensations each time.

Cherry Salsa with ripe cherries pitted, mint, basil, peaches, jalapeno, onion, lime, Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper. I won't lie, its a bloody mess to pit those ripe cherries but out of this world once you let the flavors meld.

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