Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Nation Under a Groove

Somehow this week all the food in the fridge made friends and played well together in my mouth! It was a regular swinger's party for the herbs. I put them in all the food.

I took half a value pack of chicken thighs and poached them. All these commercials for some new fast food chicken sandwich had me dreaming of a cool chicken and apple salad. Cut up chunks of that poached chicken, equal sized cubes of green apple sprinkled with lime, some of that basil and mint,crisp radishes, and red onions. A tablespoon of real mayo mixed with yogurt and lots of fresh dill, pinch of cayenne for dressing.

Then since I had all that mint, I attempted Tabbouleh with Bulgar wheat, tons of Italian parsley, mint, cold cucumber, tomato and lots of fresh lemon juice. This is invigorating and refreshing and I want to have it every day! Lemony goodness with this amazing grain that is not mushy or starchy. Bulgar even sounds strong. And would you get a load of that parsley! Four cups of parsley. Holding the dish down.... and succeeding.

The melon that didn't make it into a health shake this week was ripe and singing a sweet song of cool softness.

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