Thursday, July 21, 2011

It Ain't Me Your Lookin' For, Babe

All I wanted tonight to make me happy in life was a huge pepperoni pizza. New York pizza, not chain style cardboard with fake cheese. Large slices of foldable, holdable, napkin soaking loveliness. But P wouldn't do it. He wouldn't go there with me on my only request for solace. He takes my joy like that. He's an evil, evil man.

So, I gathered my crumbled dreams together and we had leftover night. I took the left over Tandoori meat, sliced it and added pepper jack cheese for quesadillas. I re-steamed some of my Mexican brown rice and beans, which by the way is even better than the white rice version. Sides of the yogurt cuke salad and finally some cherry salsa.

A fun mid-week meal. No need for thousands of empty calories with a greasy artery clogging pie. What was P thinking? Men have no sense. Thank goodness I have the wherewithal needed to stay focused and keep structure in this outfit. Sheeez, some people.

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