Sunday, July 10, 2011

If You Wanna a Do Right All Days Woman....

I like to enjoy my mate. And let me tell ya, sometimes he don't make it so easy even when he's 'right'. I definitely don't enjoy him when he's hungover. He likes to go out and have fun sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. So I have to send him with the best fighting chance to come home in descent condition. It's a gift to myself. Who wants to hang around with a grouchy sick hungover guy? You have to come up with solutions. Create your own reality. Why not? I've done it for years.

I pack enough in P's stomach to absorb a good percentage of the alcohol. People joke about amateur drinkers but you'd be surprised how many times P, who I consider a high level professional beer drinker at this point, had gone off without a full belly, thirsty and tired. You get a little older, you learn a little bit. Not a lot, but maybe enough to sometimes save yourself some misery.

This time I sent him off stuffed with a ginormous cheap steak. I marinated it in my tomatillo sauce, garlic and lemons. A nice piece of sweet corn on the cob and snow peas with a huge glass of cold milk and a wheat roll.

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