Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gotta Get Off, Gonna Get, Have to Get Off From This Ride

Why did I decide to make omelets this morning? Making omelets takes a skill. I'm still working on my technique big time. But for me its more the mental challenge that always gets me. It happens so fast once the eggs hit the pan. You have to be ready with your additions. The pan has to be just the right heat. You have to constantly stir it and keep it light and fluffy. And all the while the only thing I can think about is the moment when it comes out of that pan and onto my plate. Will it roll and cooperate or will it stick? Will it look soft or too dry. How the hell can you have medium high heat and not get that brown on the outside. Make the madness stop!!!

I love tomatoes in an omelet but they do tend to add too much moisture, so I salt them beforehand and let their juices run off first. Also, I add them at the last minute. I like the vegetables to taste fresh inside so I slice them super thin. A fresh herb and the whole thing comes to life.

I loved the combination of thinly sliced hard salami, white onions, basil, tomato and jack cheese.

Fresh avocado slices on top and some buttered toast and you can leave me alone.

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