Sunday, July 3, 2011

Everybody Gets Enough Food Down Here in Lunchlady Land

The day before we stumbled onto a little festival up in Fort Green Park. We were psyched to see a new Mexican food truck. Or wait,no Mexicue it read, sliders and tacos. Mixing Mexican with Southwest BBQ. Hey, what a great idea! The truck was clean, new and cute. I would say inviting. The guys inside looked to be just out of college age, about five of them. We had to go with the sliders. One pork, one beef brisket.
So, only with regards to food offerings, I'm all about positive reviews but also truth. We only tried them once so its hard to judge, although, you're at a festival and the market is very competitive. You need to be good. It didn't go all that well. They actually overcharged us double, but we were so tired, hot and realized late we shouldn't be out of doors, so we just gave that mistake up to the gods. After all, we were about to eat these fabulous sliders. $4 each for a slider and they were super, super tiny. It left us feeling kinda ripped off. The baby Coke's musta been $2 each as well? How about 2 sliders for $4 or even $5. Include a drink for free or something?. These were ridiculously small guys. Meat was good, sauce was good. Not incredibly special. I felt there was 'thought & soul' missing, although someone clearly had talent with the meat. The website looks much better than what we were served. No coleslaw, chips or pickles inside ours, just meat, sauce and a white bun. I think they would be worth a second shot but here's my thinking; With three negatives, why give any food place a second shot? I don't have money to throw around.
On the positive side, I think this is an award winning idea and with a little research I see they've been featured many times in press, including the New York Times and normally have lines out the Island's ass in Chelsea. They are opening a real brick and mortar place in Midtown and their menu sounds appealing. So I wish them luck and I'm sure they'll be successful. People like to be told what to like in this town.

When I got home I realized I didn't get my craving filled and I was still rock hard for some delicious meat sandwich. I had ground pork and got the idea to do an Asian Sloppy Joe. I wok cooked the meat with onions, celery, peppers, carrots, ginger, garlic and then added Hoisin sauce, fire roasted tomatoes and a bit of hot chili oil. This was just sweet enough and the ginger and pork couldn't be happier together.

I sent P out for tiny slider bread and he came back with these amazing Brioche buns. The downside of having three gourmet markets as your corner bodega. Slightly toasted, they were too good - buttery and airy. A perfect vessel for the meat.

As a side I did a slaw with apples, red cabbage, radishes, red onion, jalapeno, rice vinegar and lots of lime juice.

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