Saturday, April 30, 2022

Yes Is the Answer, And You Know That For Sure

Roasted Mustard Chicken with Chick Peas
Chicken recipes are a bit like the game Wordle that I am addicted to in the worst way.  Each morning I reach excitement levels far too embarrassing to share if I get the word on the second try because that's demonstrating special powers basically, right?  Yes, yes it is.
Today it took 3 tries, okay.
In Wordle you try to guess a random 5 letter word in 6 tries.  So when you consider that within the 2nd try, you can guess this one word out of millions of possibilities, it feels impressive. It even tells you on the screen, that's impressive!  You can make chicken I'm guessing hundreds of ways, but like Wordle, more than likely you will always use a couple of vowels and some consonants.  You'll match up your poultry with some vegetables, and a couple of key spices or herbs.  Here tomatoes, squash, chick peas with lemons, mustard and Turmeric.  
There are infinite possibilities but some combos are bound to yield a winner, so you stick with those. I know chick peas roasted alongside chicken drippings mixed with the citrus-y lemons create a refreshing bite, always.  Like most words will have an A or an E in them, but not all the time.  Surprisingly, squash cut in larger chunks stays juicy firm and if you're trying to lighten up without the starch of a potato, the zucchini is a nice sub.  
Usually, I like my chicken legs with their meat falling off the bone with a slight fork tug but get a good crisp on that skin with a high heat fast roast, and it's every bit as satisfying. 

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