Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sun Sun Sun, Here it Comes!

My Curious Easter meal plating - Cornish Hen (half), smashed crockpot taters and sauteed asparagus. I'm not sure how to feel seeing her sitting there on her side like she's waiting for a shot in his arse.  

I made two hens but they were chubby gals and one was good for two portions.  I was especially pleased with my pan gravy.  I love the slightly sweet meat on these special birds but P said he'd rather have chicken.
The funny thing about Easter in New York is that it brings to mind lillies, tulips, and daffodils.  The picture of springtime, but in reality all the trees are still completely bare.  Nothing is green aside from these first blooming trees and flowers.  Such a stark contrast that one can become absolutely giddy at their site, especially against the deep blue sky.  

I used to wonder why the baby Jesus was born in the dead of winter and then died on the cross in spring. But the big reveal of Easter makes sense in the overall story line and provides that dramatic finale season ending to the most incredible story ever told.


  1. How weird that I just got notified of this post today. I still enjoyed it tho

    1. Thanks, I'm super backed up in my posts - so I write them after the fact many times, if that makes sense.


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