Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Love That I Knew is Living Again

I am thrilled and delighted that my corner market had the missing ingredient I couldn't find at the larger store, Mexican chocolate and it was right at the register, as if a good 'add on' item instead of something you might use once a year.  Odd but very helpful!
I was to make Chicken Mole and Mexican rice tonight.  As always I watched a half dozen videos on the best ways and incorporated pieces of all of them.  Every family made their version of the perfect mole.  If you grew up having what you thought was the best, then you're forever chasing that taste.  But the mole of 1970's Indiana was not the same as from a Mexican village where a paste is being ground on giant mortars by women in peasant blouses.  But neither were our palates that cultivated.  All I know was my mom's dish was an explosion of so many taste sensations in my mouth, just ever so slightly sweet, there was bitterness of the chocolate, a hint of raisins, chicken fat, the smokiness of chili's with no heat.  It was rich and heavenly.  And you can make it with a few ingredients and Dona Maria mole paste!  

Watch this video for inspiration - Rachel Cooks with Love.  This lady could definitely be one of my aunts.

Alison Roman's Tuna Salad on a bed of greens for lunch and Melba Toast
I must have been on a culinary high because I also made Alison Roman's Tuna Salad for the lunch boxes that day.  Super refreshing and light.   Mr Mango had the good tuna on sale.  Unfortunately, I can't eat the good tuna because I'm allergic to fish (which makes me wonder what the hell Starkist is made with because I have no problem eating that all day).  One bite and my throat started to close up.  Two Benadryl later and I was feeling no pain.  But that one bite was all yes!

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